24/7 Support Services

Achieve support SLAs, focus your team on innovation. We deliver 24/7, SLA-level support
for your infrastructure so your team can focus on delivering awesome new features.

Why us

Automated uptime monitoring and performance stability assurance is the standard for modern enterprises. Your application cannot break and your team is stretched meeting this stringent SLA in allocated budget. Are your engineers also doubling up as support agents when they should be building new features

Partner with Goscale and meet your SLA numbers, reduce toil, improve MTTR, reduce alert fatigue, and get your engineers focused on building awesome features instead of supporting infrastructure.

Our Approach

  • AWS Monitoring & Response
    1. 24/7 monitoring & response with multiple SLA tiers:
      • #1 15 minute response time on urgent priority
      • 4 hour response on high priority
      • 1 day response on normal priority
    2. Collaboration to build smart runbooks for predefined remediation
    3. Optimized monitor and alert definitions built specifically for AWS environments
    4. Centralized portal with ticketing, knowledge base, and single-sign-on to other tools
    5. Capability of full monitoring of AWS resources, as well as many common applications such as web servers & databases
    6. Monitoring for AWS resources like RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, API Gateway, Lambda, Redshift, & more
    7. Centralized log collection & monitoring
  • Expert Engineering
    1. Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineering team to conduct runbook actions as well as ad-hoc troubleshooting
    2. Monitoring & support by engineers who know serverless
    3. Every team member and support engineer has AWS expertise
    4. Available on chat for real-time collaboration and support
    5. High level recommendations and best practices for AWS architecture and security
  • Proactive Managed Support
    1. Develop and execute server updates and maintenance plan
    2. Server updates and other routine maintenance handled proactively
    3. Root cause analysis on common alerts to reduce noise and eliminate common issues
    4. Common user-requested maintenance tasks included (user account updates, new firewall rules, etc.)
    5. Quarterly IAM security review for account access validation
    6. Automated backup management of EC2 server images
    7. Optional cross-region copy of EC2 and RDS backups for remote geographic disaster recovery
  • Automation
    1. Our team is skilled at DevOps automation. We will attempt to identify standard remediation steps that can be automated, propose those when they stand to add value, and execute on them if approved.

Continuous feedback stack

Continuous monitoring stack