We have full stack blockchain development capabilities in core blockchain,
applications on blockchain and app development.

We provide end to end Blockchain services for all your decentralization solution requirements:

We Advice

We can help you find the best Blockchain platform for your particular business requirement, the right approach in building Blockchain solution

We Build

Whether it is PoC to test your business case or Production grade Blockchain application, we can help you in every step with rapid prototyping and delivery

We Test

We are equipped with all the tools and techniques to test out your Blockchain solution for their functionalities, security and scalability

We Research

With our research driven approach, we can help you find pain areas that could be addressed by Blockchain, identify use cases that could leverage Blockchain to get to the next level.

We Train

Whether we build your solution or you want to build the solution in-house, we provide the right blend of hands-on Blockchain labs and industry expertise to address your development needs

Our Solutions

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Solution

  • An exchange platform for users to buy/ sell/ trade cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • KYC, Sign-up and Login functionalities enforced with proper security mechanisms
  • Reports and analytics with a dashboard page for users

Digital Wallet Solution

  • Digital wallet to store, send and receive digital currencies and tokens
  • Multifactor authentication to access the private keys file
  • Customizable for specific business requirements

ICO solution with Product Integration Solution

  • ICO solution as per ERC20 Utility Token and Security Token standards
  • White paper development services
  • Smart Contracts for ICo and the decentralized product features development

Custom Blockchain Solution

  • Permissioned (Private) and Permission-less (Public) Blockchain solutions with specific requirements
  • tailored consensus mechanism
  • Legacy System Intergration
  • AI and ML integration for advanced analytics

Our Approach

Our Capabilities

Industries we cater

  • Financial
  • Trade Finance
  • Cross currency
  • payments
  • Mortgages
  • Public Sector
  • Asset Registration
  • Citizen Identity
  • Medical Records
  • Medicine Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Asset Registration
  • Citizen Identity
  • Medical Records
  • Medicine Supply Chain
  • Insurance
  • Claims Processing
  • Risk Provenance
  • Asset usage history
  • Claims File
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Product Parts
  • Maintenance Tracking