Capillary Technologies portended reverse innovation; a global shift of technology “trickling up” in the opposite direction – from emerging markets to developed ones. We helped them scale-up.

About the company:

Capillary is Asia’s leading SaaS product company. Over 700 Capillary associates across 11 global offices are continually innovating to find new ways for brands to make their consumers’ lives easier, and experiences memorable.

Capillary technologies built an emerging market-focused technology solution that enabled local retailers to better understand their customers, track their behavior, and deliver personalized offers. Later, Capillary moved beyond emerging markets disrupting developed ones with their unique and easy to use solution. Capillary now powers over 400 brands servicing more than 50 million consumers across 30+ countries.


From a modest technology solution centered on mobile phone text messaging and low-cost cloud server networks tailor-made for emerging markets to a global Retail CRM, Capillary technologies have come a long way and had served to be a precursor in illustrating that global high-tech solutions can now be designed, deployed, and fine-tuned cost-effectively in emerging market nations.

The Challenge:

Capillary’s product was based on their deep understanding of retailers in emerging markets. Geographic expansion into developed markets came with its own tech complexities. Capillary faced increased customization requirements from US and Europe customers that soon depleted their tech team’s bandwidth.

Most of these customizations were also very specific to a particular customer that their product development was hampered. These clients were highly important for the business that Capillary team did not want to turn them down.

Capillary now faced the classic problem faced by SaaS product companies and Capillary team decided to find a tech partner who could help them with incoming client requirements.

The Solution:

Capillary’s tech team, while facing the classic problem faced by many SaaS product companies, decided to find a tech partner who could help them with incoming client requirements. They chose GoScale to be their application development partner.
The main reason behind this decision was GoScale had capabilities to deliver client projects from end to end – design, deployment, and DevOps.

We deployed a team of 25+ engineers with varied skills and experience who helped capillary build multiple client requirements including the product and main system customizations, progressive web apps (PWAs), server and DevOps implementation as required by Capillaries clients.

GoScale was instrumental in integrating Capillary’s product into customers legacy systems ensuring perfect synergies creating a win-win situation for all parties included. Of the multiple client requirements that we helped capillary with, few notable ones include Pizza Hut and KFC.

We also took care of end-to-end deployment and infrastructure for the application we have developed using a combination of Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Newrelic, and Logmatic as required.

The Results:

Capillary successfully penetrated and established a presence in multiple developed markets incl. US and Europe.
Capillary now powers over 400 brands servicing more than 50 million consumers across 30+ countries. Some system milestones include:



Servers pings per second


Live instances


catalog/server data

Technologies used:

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