Connected Electric Vehicles – Revolt motors launch India’s 1st AI-enabled electric motorcycle. We engineered the AI and Mobility in it. 

About the company:

Revolt Motors is a next-gen mobility start-up from India. With technology at its roots  Revolt introduced India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle that was at par with its gasoline powered counterparts.

Revolt motors, India’s first connected electric motocycle manufacturer was all geared to democratize clean commute using next-gen mobility solutions. We joined hands with them to make their dream come true. 

The Challenge:

While their team focused on disrupting the motorcycle industry by building an all-new MotorBike that puts a smile to their riders, they also wanted to have a dedicated mobile application that empowers users with a connected motorcycle environment. Mobile app building was not their team core competency, but without a robust mobile application, the AI-enabled connected bike will fall short.

The Requirement:

A mobile app which will offer a complete range of features, including satellite navigation, bike locator, real-time bike information and diagnostics, geofencing for security, doorstep battery delivery, online payment gateway for a battery swap, and anti-theft features.

It has to be noted that building a mobile application will not be enough, we had to ensure that the bike’s current vitals are frequently updated with high accuracy.

The Solution:

With not many precursors in the same space with minimal existing research of customer behavior in this space, we engineered the entire software solution ground up. This was a unique project for our team, we built the entire server-side of things, iOS, and android application and interconnected all these systems with the hardware system by building a socket system that connects multiple systems together

Design UI/UX:

The initial phase started with UI/UX research, where GoScale UI/UX team went on with preliminary user research and returned with a complete range of features that users would like to see on a connected motorcycle’s application. 

We then went ahead with creating wireframes, which enabled us to connect with stakeholders and early research candidates to gather feedback. Once we hit the right set of wireframes, we went ahead with our first prototype and tested them for usability. We resorted to guerilla usability testing, which enabled us to achieve desired results in lesser time with lesser resource consumption. [Read more on guerilla usability testing here.]

Mobile Apps:

Once we had the prototype, we pushed ahead with application building on both Android and iOS. Android app building preceded iOS by one sprint[14 days] so that any post-build issues spotted on Android can be fixed before we proceed with iOS.

The Results:

We helped Revolt motors to reach to their MVP faster, thus helping them to launch India’s India’s 1st AI-enabled electric motorcycle.


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